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I DID IT! I made it through the iMedia bootcamp, where we spent three weeks getting into the meat and potatoes of the software we would be using this year. Every four days, we rotated to a new teacher who would assign a project that would normally take much more time to complete. And at the end of the workshop, it all came to a head when we were separated into groups of three and given the assignment to create a full-scale media campaign for a client in the area in less than 48 hours. Be sure to check out the link to the video and animation I created (I’m very proud). 



After Effects


Photoshop (round 2)

(Thanks roommate, Dana, and Aaron!)


Flash Animation


(Thanks Elisha!)

Flash Website

I can’t upload the .swf file here, but I’m very, very proud of what I created. Next time we hang out, ask me to see it because I’ll be excited to show you.

Final Project

We were asked to create a website mock-up, a Flash widget, a video, and an animation. I created the video and animation:

That’s only the beginning. After a week break, we begin the semester with full force on the 28th. To all my friends I haven’t kept in touch with recently, please be patient with me because I will be 5x worse once classes start.

Elle King - My Neck, My Back

I find myself singing passionately along to this. 

"Both our buddies and our enemies can teach us about life."

- Sun-Maid Raisins box


The past year has been an interesting journey, that’s for sure. And while I can’t say that every day was a perfect day, I decided to channel my cynicism into something more productive. Behold: The Guide to Becoming a Great Mentor. This won’t apply to me for some time, but I don’t want to forget these things 10 years down the road (and the internet is forever, right?). After all, on the worst of days, I would only get through it by telling myself that when I’m in a management role, I will do it differently. Well future Iris, eat your heart out.     

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It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of Spencer Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses, on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Mr. Spectacles was known to be a visionary of his time. He had a corneacopia of knowledge that caused him to see the world outside of his rose-colored glasses. Some people would describe Mr. Spectacles as “shady” but I suspect most people couldn’t understand his insightful viewpoints (they were soooo nearsighted). In fact, Mr. Spectacles was known for coining the phrase, “the sun never sets on a badass.” And his specs appeal? Don’t get me started. What you see down there was no optical illusion.

Mr. Spectacles is survived by his Frames. The memorial service will be held at my local optometrist, Eye Care Associates, Inc. in Cary, NC. Crying encouraged (it helps clean out the eyes and the grieving soul). 


Even though I have yet to obtain a dog, I have decided on a name. And with this name comes huge responsibility…

Here are a few tricks I plan to teach Voldemort:

Accio : Come here

Avada Kadavra : Play dead

Petrificus Totalus :  Stay

Wingardium Leviosa : Fetch

Duel : Paw

Lumos : Turns on light

Nox : Turns light off

(Turning lights on and off may seem like a difficult trick, but Voldemort was the most powerful wizard of all time, so…)

Facial hair and Adrien Brody.

Monet Humor.

Monet Humor.

Caroline Daly, responding to all my jokes